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Can't wait for MSWF. This will be the first year attending where we'll actually be shepherds. Himself is at a class today - lucky sod was able to get the day off - and we have a shared class on Sunday. I'm meeting a couple other Shetland owners for a chat tomorrow, a mini-meet up of folks from an online Shetland group. I am going to do my darndest to not come home with all the yarn, but you know how that goes.

It's cold

Apr. 25th, 2017 10:12 am
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I don't know why, but this winter I haven't been able to get accustomed to the cold. It's nearing May and it's still cold, and all I want to do is curl up inside by the fire with a hot chocolate and a book. I blame the warm spell we had earlier this year. I think my body decided it was time to move into spring and summer back in February, and now that it's the end of April and we're in the 50s with a chill wind and rain I just refuse to accept it and acclimate.
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So my very favorite book the Handmaid's Tale is being made into a Hulu miniseries. It premieres in nine days. I'm wondering if I wrote Hulu and asked very nicely if they'd let me watch it like. Right. Nao. I've watched the trailers so many times, heck, I bought the special edition of the audio book (already owned the regular version) just to get the few extra tidbits at the end. (And, if you listened to the special edition, was it just me or were there hints at a sequel????)

So anyway, just geeking about the show and waiting for it to come out so I can see how they did. There are already a few things in the trailers that I'm like WTFBBQ that were NOT in the book (something with Serena Joy and celebrating Gilead??). Also, as much as I adore Samira Wiley and cannot wait to see her Moira, I'm wondering how/if they'll address the (unfortunately under-explored in the book) subplot of racial injustices also perpetuated by the Gileadeans if black women are allowed to be handmaids. But most of me is like, fuck it, Samira Wiley is just one of the best actresses out there right now.

Anyone else foaming at the mouth waiting on this to come out?
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I had the bright idea to try haltering the sheep this morning and giving them their grain while tied up. I thought it would get them used to a positive coming out of being haltered. Was I ever wrong. First, catching them stressed them all to hell. They freaked out and poor Iris was panting hard she was so scared. Second, I wrenched my back trying to get them cornered. Third, even when I put down the buckets of grain every time I moved they freaked out and knocked the bins over. Wasted probably a pound and a half of grain. Argh!

Still, despite that colossal mistake, week 1 of being a shepherd has been pretty cool. Still can't get Athena to come for treats, and Iris only occasionally will come up. Aphrodite and Demeter are getting very calm around me - in fact, once I finally got everyone tied and settled they ate grain while haltered, unlike the other two. None of them are what I'd call domesticated yet, but it's only been a week.

Now I think it's time for a nap.

Iris says "let us out"!
Iris says "let us out"!

Aphrodite (left) and Demeter (right) allow chin scritches
Aphrodite (left) and Demeter (right) allow chin scritches
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Folks, I'm not a great artist or writer and I don't have all or even some of the words for what we're going through and what we're going to face in the next couple years. But, for now, I've made a playlist for folks, songs that get me through the tough times.

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I have made a lot of unhappy posts here lately - mostly because when it gets so stressful I just have to blog to work through it - so here's one where I'm actually feeling very happy and why. So, happiness is:

beloved fuzzies )

a growing garden )

happy chickens )

I also got out to the Swine, Wine, and Roses festival out at the Conococheague Institute. It was gray and rainy (as it has been for the last month or two), but everyone there was in a great mood. I brought Xander with me and he was wildly popular. People always ask what kind of breed he is and they seem amused when I respond, "100% mutt". Got some BBQ from the Hempen Hill booth there. Hempen Hill is a restaurant about 45 minutes away from us and one of Himself's and my FAVORITE places, though I don't indulge nearly as often as I'd like.

There you go, a happy post.
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Due to spammers I have had to change everything to friends only.


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